Praise for All the Honey

In All the Honey, Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer stands up to grief, the hardest of human tasks, allowing it to flow over her, welcoming it in the most straightforward and respectful way.
—Kate Munger
Founder of the Threshold Choir

Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer is what Rumi called “a true human being” — a person in whose presence pain becomes medicine that awakens us to the effervescence of each moment.
—Kim Rosen
Author of Saved by a Poem:
The Transformative Power of Words

Through Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer’s gaze of wonder, I am able to reclaim the landscape of loss as holy ground.
—Mirabai Starr
Author of Caravan of No Despair
and Wild Mercy

Rosemerry Trommer is just quite possibly the easiest poet in America to fall in love with. She is the reason we have words like splendid, beautiful, delightful, marvelous. Every poem in All the Honey is a love poem, a heart song. This is a book you’re going to adore. I guarantee it.
—David Lee
Author of Rusty Barbed Wire and
more than two dozen other
books of poetry

All the Honey is an outpouring of love from a poet who understands: the world that breaks our heart is the same world that knits it together.
—Phyllis Cole-Dai
Co-Editor of Poetry of Presence:
An Anthology of Mindfulness Poems

Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer knows how beauty can arise from deep sorrow, how the miraculous abides in the ordinary.
—Diane Berke
Founder and Spiritual Director of
One Spirit Learning Alliance

Those fortunate enough to read this woven book of healing will understand what it is to be honest, afraid, overwhelmed and redeemed. It reminds us that we are all part dust and part star.
—aaron a. abeyta
Winner of the American Book Award
& Colorado Book Award