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Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer is the
co-host of the Emerging Form podcast on creative process, Secret Agents of Change (a surreptitious kindness cabal) and Soul Writer’s Circle. Her poetry has appeared on A Prairie Home Companion, PBS News Hour, O Magazine, American Life in Poetry, on Carnegie Hall stage, and on river rocks she leaves around town. Since 2006, she’s written a poem a day, which has forged her belief in poetry as a spiritual practice. She lives with her husband and daughter in Placerville, Colorado, on the banks of the wild and undammed San Miguel River.


Rosemerry Trommer is just quite possibly the easiest poet in America to fall in love with. She is the reason we have words like splendid, beautiful, delightful, and marvelous. Every poem in All the Honey is a love poem, a heart song. This is a book you’re going to adore. I guarantee it.
—David Lee